Revised construction industry penalties


HMRC has revised its penalty structure for the late submission of Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) monthly returns as from October 2011.
The revised penalties are as follows:
  • 100 basic penalty for the late submission of a monthly return (due 19th of the month)
  • 200 further penalty for continued failure of two months after the due date
  • 300 or 5% of tax (greater of) additional penalty after six months
  • 300 or 5% of tax (greater of) further penalty after 12 months but, if HMRC consider the withholding of information to be deliberate and concealed, it will rise to 3,000 or 100% of the tax (greater of) and if information is withheld deliberately 1,500 or 70% of the tax (greater of).
Please get in touch a partner or our dedicated payroll department at CFW if you would like help or advice on the Construction Industry Scheme.

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Revised construction industry penalties
From October 2011 the late submission Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) monthly returns will result in revised penalties.
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